Fund accounting & valuation

The calculation of the Net Asset Value (“NAV”) of a client fund is one of our key roles. Our aim is to ensure we independently calculate the NAV for each client fund on an accurate and timely basis.


Our Accounting and Valuation service is built around a number of key daily activities, including:



We view these activities as critical to our client oversight role. Our commitment to conducting each of the above on a daily basis means that our operations team remain fully aware of ongoing client activity, thus placing them in a strong position to identify any potential issues, which can then be dealt with on a timely basis, reducing client risk.


As well as these daily activities, there are a number of additional processes which are conducted at each valuation point for each client, including:



These activities are run on our core accounting platform, SunGard’s Asset Arena InvestOne (“InvestOne”) with certain of the fee processing elements and allocation activities conducted within HWM Financial Solutions ManTra (“ManTra”). System controls, in conjunction with our internal review procedures, are in place to ensure we operate a rigorous control environment for all elements of the NAV calculation process.



Our other core services:-