Investor services

Within our business, we recognise the importance of providing an exceptional high quality Investor Servicing function. We approach our interactions with client investors with a focus on understanding their requirements and ensuring our service, as administrator to the fund they are invested in, extends out to meet their needs.

With the advent of increasing regulation and legislation in this area, we have seen this role evolve over recent years from a pure transfer agent function to a highly skilled investor servicing role which needs to be conducted in a manner that recognises the importance of the investor relationship to the client but which also takes account of the risk and potential negative exposure, to the client and our business, if this role is not conducted in an appropriate manner.

The core elements of our investor servicing function include:


These activities are run on HWM Financial Solutions ManTra product, which provides a powerful core registration and transfer agency engine, including partnership allocations and accounting, a flexible fee engine for complex fee calculations and a full compliance framework with a user definable rules engine, allowing us to appropriately structure our investor compliance and reporting database.




Our other core services:-