SunGard Financial Systems

SunGard Financial Systems provides leading software and IT services to institutions in virtually every segment of the financial services industry.


HWM Financial Solutions © ManTra

Powerful core registration and transfer agency functionality for onshore and offshore funds

Sungard © Asset Arena InvestOne


SunGard’s Asset Arena InvestOne investment accounting and reporting system provides us with an industry leading, scalable, robust and extensible portfolio accounting platform which underpins our accounting and valuation services.


HWM Financial Solutions © ManTra


HWM Financial Solutions' ManTra product, provides a powerful core registration and transfer agency engine including partnership allocations and accounting, a flexible fee engine for complex fee calculations including performance and management fees and a full compliance framework with user defined rules engine, thus allowing us to appropriately structure our KYC/CTF, FATCA, ERISA, and EUSD database.


Sungard © Valuelink


ValueLink, a SunGard company, act as our primary data and pricing validation agent. ValueLink provide price, capital event and dividend data validation services. ValueLink provide a daily validation service across our range of underlying price and foreign exchange rate vendors. ValueLink also provide daily validation of capital event and dividend data from our underlying vendors.